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We brew with love and care

We care deeply about the quality of our beer. Brewing is a craft and we tend to our malt and hops with precision and attention. There lies certain magic in watching our brewers overseeing the process among the shiny tanks. Taste is everything to us. Every sip should be clear and full of memories.  You may recognise a taste of something you once had the pleasure of eating and forgot the taste of. And there it is again, in our beer! Every beer tells it’s own story. We are always looking to create balance and combinations that surprise the consumer. We brew for everyone, for that special everyday moment. Every bottle should come from the heart – that’s the way Helsingborg’s Brewery creates first class quality on the shoulders of a long tradition of Scanian craft.


About us


Helsingborgs Bryggeri


From the very beginning, Helsingborg’s Brewery has been about heart. We want to produce great beer by using the best raw materials and treating them with the utmost respect while staying true to old Scanian beer brewing culture.

The history of the old Helsingborg’s brewery started in 1850 and lasted until 1967. In 2010, two enthusiasts decided to bring it back and to keep the great beer tradition alive. Our enthusiasm is now shared by 200 shareholders.

We reside in an old historic brick building from 1880, just a stone’s throw from the original Helsingborg’s Brewery. This is where we house our state of the art brewery equipment. We were the first microbrewery in our region and now we are the biggest. Our dedication to our region and history is a big part of our identity.

We use the best raw materials we can find and believe in a skilled and precise brewing process. Our very first beer was awarded ”Best Pale Lager” at the Gothenburg beer festival in 2011. Our beers appeal to people who chose quality and an exciting selection rather than low prices.

To make a great beer is as much about choosing the right malt and hop as finding a brewer who cares deeply about every beer they brew. We are proud to say we have genuine knowledge in our craft, and a great love for the good things in life.




Helsingborg’s Brewery was founded by bank manager S.H Hafström in 1850. It was one of three breweries in Sweden to start making bottom-fermenting beers, and the company soon developed into a large brewery with many types of beers. The very first beer was of Bavarian type.

The company grounds had a brook and a small pond. During the winter when the water froze, the ice was used to keep the brewery’s wort chilled. For a while, beer was stored in the cellar of the medieval tower of Kärnan in Helsingborg. Even today one can see traces of the old entrance in the building’s eastern wall.


Helsingborg’s Brewery was founded by bank manager S.H Hafström in 1850.

Helsingborg’s Brewery buys the Kloster Brewery in Ystad, which was later sold in 1907.

The brewery is appointed purveyor to his majesty the king Oscar II.

The brewery is appointed purveyor to his majesty the crown prince Gustaf.

The brewery has an exhibition pavilion at the Helsingborg Industry and Art Fair, and received a gold medal.

The brewery is appointed purveyor to his majesty the king Gustav V.

The brewery is appointed purveyor to his majesty the crown prince Gustav Adolf.

Some local breweries merge in to the stock company Skånebryggerier.

The brewery is bought by the Pripps brewery and keeps running until the 1970s when it is closed down.

The new Helsingborg’s Brewery is starting to take shape.

We produce our first beer, the ”Helsingborgs Lager”.







Floor Tour


Experience, taste and enjoy

Helsingborgs Bryggeri

Let our knowledgeable and entertaining tour guides give you a brewery floor tour. Learn about the history of our brewery and the brewing process from malt to bottling. The tour includes a tasting/sampling of our current selection of beers, hop and malt in our cosy brewery attic. We do floor tours every week!

Duration: 1-2 hours

Price: SEK 250 per person

Booking: event@helsingborgsbryggeri.se or call +46 (0)727 15 18 50

Company event/groups

We welcome company events, kick offs and group tours. Minimum 10 people. Booking of company events/groups: event@helsingborgsbryggeri.se or call
+46 (0)727 15 18 50





Visiting address: (Only booked visits)

Helsingborgs Bryggeri AB Bredgatan 25, 252 25 Helsingborg


Consumer Contact

Tel: +46 (0)42 45 30 880

E-mail: marknad@helsingborgsbryggeri.se

Restaurant and pub orders

Tel: +46 (0)42 45 30 880

E-mail: order@helsingborgsbryggeri.se


Tel: +46 (0)42 45 30 880

E-mail: event@helsingborgsbryggeri.se


E-mail: marknad@helsingborgsbryggeri.se

Managing Director

Rasmus Varfeldt

E-mail: rasmus@helsingborgsbryggeri.se






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